Optimize stores opening times according with local context

Domain: Retail


Even if local legislations give a certain freedom to define the opening and closing hours of commercial activities, it difficult to optimize them according with local context in order to maximize performances. Two important factors should be considered in order to define the opening hours:

  1. Context of the area: e.g. if the residents are students, workers etc. This aspect can vary only in the long term
  2. Specific events happened in a certain period: e.g. concerts, festivals etc. This aspect can determine modifications on the opening hours for a limited period.

The point 1 can be obtained by statistics on the residents of a certain area, while the point 2 is got by collecting as much as data possible in the longest possible period and trying to catch in real time each new event. 

The capability to accurately plan the best usual timings and the opening hours in case of specific events can be very helpful to optimize the performance of commercial activities.

Data Combined

  • Dataset 1: Migros sales data
  • Dataset 2: information on events in area X for the period Y
  • Dataset 3: statistics on the residents of area X

Expected outcomes

Increase in sales of associated commercial activities of X%

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