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(Cohort 1)  

Here you can find the startups that were successful in being selected for the First Open Call for European Data Incubator.

Follow their journey through each phase and see who made it through from the Explore stage (30 startups), to the Experiment stage (16 startups), to the Evolve stage (6 startups). Just click on the logo of the startup to read more about the startups, their team and the details about their product/service being created through EDI.


The final stage is dedicated to building solid partnerships and detecting real investment opportunities.

The startups will attend major events to promote their products, for two months (March 2019 – April 2019). The projects will be encouraged to gain enough traction for next investment phase in terms of sales, prospects, users, markets and customers.


In the second stage of incubation, the startups will create a MVP (minimum viable product) to launch into the market.

The startups will be supported over 4 months (November 2018 – February 2019) with dedicated coaches and mentors, a technical infrastructure with a set of tools ready to be used, training modules on Big Data and personalized business development support. The top startups with major market potential will be selected to pass to the last phase of incubation.


The first stage of incubation helps the startups to clearly define their concept, receive training on Big Data technologies and examine the data sets, before the grand finale: the Datathon in Berlin.

In Berlin, the teams will meet each other, meet the corporates and create their first mock-ups. The phase will end with a final “demolition pitch” contest judged by an expert jury, in which only the top startups will pass to the next phase (around 16 startups). 

Click on each startup to find out more, see their team photo and a 30 second video introducing their concept.

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