Ready-made challenges

Track 1

Pick one of our ‘ready-made’ challenges, where the challenge, data sets and data providers are all pre-defined by us, ready for you to solve.


Credit Card Fraud Detection

Data Provider: YapiKredi Teknoloji
Forecasting fraud transactions of credit card users of YKB with machine learning technics instead of traditional rule-based systems. Credit card fraud means a transaction that is not intentionally performed by the card holder.

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Keyword Categorization

Data Provider: JOT Internet Media
Based on JOT’s data basis, it is required the massive classification of keyword lists. Due to the analytic approach and worldwide coverage, JOT’s keyword lists include millions of keywords, covering up to 17 different languages.

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Automatic Chaptering of Video Content

Data Provider: VRT
Making content easily retrievable, both for the media user and for our editing teams. In this context, chaptering of news bulletins is often performed related to which topic was discussed. Thus, editing teams can easily retrieve parts of interest.

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Athletics Data Commentator Bot

Data Provider: WorldAthletics
Establish a demand management system and analysis of the evolution of consumption in its different uses to speed up the detection of deviations and hasten and focus decision making.

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