Open Calls for Evaluator

Applications closed

Could you be who we’re looking for?

Big Data Experts

You are a technician/researcher with extensive experience of state-of-the-art technology, in areas such as machine-learning, deep learning, analytics or AI.

Business experts

You are a CEO of a successful startup, business angel, investor, or mentor. You have extensive entrepreneurship/investment experience.

What’s in it for you?

Play a key role in the selection
of the brightest big data startups in Europe

Be reimbursed for your time and work
in the evaluation process

Connect with up-and-coming figures
in the big data community

Be part of one of the biggest incubation programmes in Europe,
funded by the European Commission

Work with Europe’s brightest startups

What’s expected from your side?

Take part in the selection of the top 50 startups for the European Data Incubator

A contract will be signed between the evaluator and the coordinator of the programme (The University of Deusto) as a representative of the consortium.

You could also follow the startups’ progress once they get accepted to the programme. There is the potential to be part of the Jury at the end of each incubation phase!

Applications closed

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