On-route incident prediction

Domain: Transport & Logistics


There are several aspects which could provoke a traffic incident, being the weather conditions one of them. This challenge aims to produce a prediction model which states when and where a traffic incident is going to happen, using weather data, past incidents data and social media data (for predicting traffic flows produced by mass events).

Data Combined

  • Dataset 1: Incident dataset (RACC or mCLOUD)
  • Dataset 2: Weather re-analysis and forecast data (UBIMET)
  • Dataset 3: Events gathered from social networks or local event agendas as the ones from Open Data Euskadi or Bilbao Open Data.
  • Dataset 4: Climate indicators for car traffic accidents in NRW, Germany (UBIMET)

Expected outcomes

The expected outcome of this challenge is to predict traffic incidents in order to allow road-assistance companies like RACC to offer better service.

How do we apply?

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