The story of our startups: Interview with Ibon, of Bigda Solutions

Ibon Salbidegoitia is the technical manager of Bigda Solutions. He was born in Vitoria, Spain. He loves programming and learning from different technical blogs which are the last tendencies on big data and artificial intelligence technologies. "To be innovative you...

EDI in Salamanca, Amsterdam, Riga and Genova – meet us there!

Does your startup work with big data? Come and meet us at these events across Europe to speak in person about how your startup or organisation can benefit from the EDI incubation programme. EDI will either have a stand at these events or open slots for 1:1 meetings....

The story of our startups: Interview with Juan, of LIS-Solutions

Juan Kempe, leading internally the European Data Incubator is part of LIS-Solutions since 2018. Within LIS-Solutions he has developed himself to a Data Scientist participating in multiple BI and AI projects for the industry. Born in Germany, raised in Spain, switching...

“Yes, we won!” – When 16 EDI startups became just 6

Follow the story of what it’s like to graduate from the second ‘Experiment’ phase of EDI and be chosen as one of lucky 6 teams going through to the final 'Evolve' stage - through our startups’ eyes.   Day 1: Last minute coaching and the technical evaluation...

Competition: create a smart city app in 48 hours!

Develop a Smart City App with real-time data from cities and other data sources, using the FIWARE generic component framework. Show it to the world at the ICT 2018 Conference in Vienna and win prize money totaling 10,000 Euro. Fiware ICT...

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