Investor’s Matchmaking Event

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Investor’s Matchmaking Event is on 17 June!

Throughout the years European Data Incubator has incubated many highly innovative and promising startups. To close our journey we have decided to gather 10 of our brightest and investment ready startups and organize an intimate pitching event with leading Investors

The Investor’s event will take place online on 17th June, where the interested investors will have the opportunity to meet our startups in 1-on-1 sessions, hear their ideas, analyse their traction and tune in into their vision. 

We are inviting all interested investors to check EDI’s startups portfolios and at the bottom of the page indicate which startups they are interested in meeting. Once we collect all the interest, we will organize the event and send you the invitations. 


We are a cross-sector Energy Data Platform that provides carbon and costs savings to corporations with emissions reduction targets. Our platform offers the most granular indirect emissions analysis in the market, providing real-time, site-specific data and enabling up to a 40% cut in emissions. 

We have started this business because, without high quality data corporations overspend and misdirect resources with inefficient decarbonisation strategies. Instead, with our data corporations can do it better than anyone else.

Aindo proposes a novel approach for privacy preserving data analysis based on synthetic data.

Aindo plans on using a new trend in machine learning to create a dataset that’s fully synthetic, i.e. does not contain data of real people or entities, but yields the same results upon statistical analysis.
Because it does not contain real data, it is privacy-preserving and GDPR compliant.

Synthetic datasets surpass anonymized data both in terms of security and utility.

AMIGO is the first Italian consultancy SME in the field of Climate Services. AMIGO operates worldwide, carrying on projects both at a national and an international level, and collaborates with academic institutions, and non-academic organizations 

Amigo provides climate change risk analysis for insurance and infrastructure companies.

Divizend is the leading international wealth-tax FinTech platform for the fastest way to reclaim foreign dividend withholding taxes.

Our B2C software helps private investors to reclaim their taxes by automating the withholding tax refund process. Divizend is the first FinTech worldwide to work on digitizing such a service in a novel, user-friendly and price-competitive way. With our holistic approach verbalized by the claim “Find, Plan, Maximize”, Divizend‘s platform will be the central place for investors striving for high dividend earnings, as they will find only the most relevant insights, research, analytics and tax services there.

We’ve created a dynamic forecasting platform that leverages machine learning and gamification to transform product performance forecasts and simulations into actionable engagements for the workforce. We’re currently addressing the health and retail markets, with a focus on B2B contexts, i.e. for employee engagement, but our concept applies to any vertical that requires informed business decisions and needs to engage the workforce. services there.

HOPU brings urban innovation through the latest technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT and Data-Quality. Hopu engages decision-makers, to guarantee that data is understandable, intuitive and usable.

Hopu supports decision-making for urban development and digital transformation through data-powered tools with dashboards, decision support tools to monitor impact, sustainability, and environment. Hopu built a data-driven solution for urban design supporting decision making considering human-perception, climate change and air quality impact.

ID Ward is the first on-device data platform that allows accurate audience targeting without tracking users or collecting personal information. It does so by keeping consumer data on the device and by using decentralized machine learning to process it locally, only sharing anonymized information with publishers and brands. ID Ward enables publishers and marketers to maximize their revenues in a cookieless world, and gives users full control over their personal data in compliance with GDPR.

iERP.ai was founded in April 2019 in the Slovak Republic. iERP.ai mission is to help companies to utilize their existing data to increase revenue, customer satisfaction and decrease their costs by using easy to use software powered by artificial intelligence. iERP.ai are providing pre-packaged AI business prediction algorithms which companies from the manufacturing, retail and wholesale industries can implement in days

Medicsen is building a software that predicts the risk of a certain patient currently having diabetes and its future likelihood of developing diabetes and its complications, all based on GDPR compliant data and oriented towards improving a patient ́s health and provider ́s cost of services.

Rebase Energy was founded in 2018 by Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi and Mihai Chiru. The main company hypothesis came from Sebastian that previously worked with power trading in a big utility company. Rebase Energy wants to improve the way data is used in managing and operating the power system.

This is an increasingly important problem in tomorrow’s highly complex energy system based on distributed and intermittent energy resources.

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