Impact on water consumption through effective media campaign

Domain: Environment (water) and Media


Water scarcity and responsible consumption is a fundamental challenge.

Analysing the impact of awareness messages and campaigns in the media and press, it would be possible to define a strategy and patterns to know how this influence in the consumer (citizens) and has and impact in the water consumption.

The ultimate goal is using social media to raise consumer awareness on water scarcity.

Data Combined

  • Dataset 1: water consumption per inhabitant linked to the type of residence and the number of homeowners; (EMASESA)
  • Dataset2: water cycle activities (EMASESA)
  • Dataset 3: open data available from social media (EFE) (and other sources)

Expected outcomes

To determine key words, time to post or publish, etc, and to analyse the direct interrelation with citizens awareness and consumption.

Specific outputs:

  • To increase consumers’ awareness
  • To reduce water consumption

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