Half and Half challenges

Track 2

Bring your own challenge, but solve it using one EDI data set and one external data set

How does it work?

This challenge gives you the freedom to use the data provided in the EDI data catalogue, but also combine it with your own external data.

For this reason, we like to think of the ‘Half and Half’ challenges as giving you more freedom to ‘discover’ more unique data solutions by complimenting our data with your own resources.

To take part in this challenge, you must use a minimum of two (2) data sets:

EDI Data Sets

The first data set must be from the EDI data catalogue

External Data Sets

The second external data set must comply with GDPR Regulations and be legally permitted to be used for a commercial solution.

Expected outcomes

  • Innovative products and services based on the mixture of data coming from EDI data catalogue and from external sources
  • Revolutionary concepts and combinations that untap hidden benefits for a data provider


Cross Domain Challenges

Exemplary cross-domain challenges are shown below. Get inspired by them to formalate your own HALF and HALF challenge!


How do we apply?

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Code: EDI-2020-ALL


Domain: Open

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