Free Choice challenge

Track 3

You are free to propose your own challenge, and solve it working with your own data provider and external data sets

How does it work?

This challenge gives you 100% freedom in choosing your challenge, which ‘data provider’ (corporate) you would like to work with and what external data you will use to tackle the challenge.

When thinking about who will be the data provider for your challenge, this could be a large corporate that you already work with, or you could approach a new organisation with the EDI concept to propose working together.

Bringing a ‘data provider’ and the data provider’s external data is a requirement to participate in this track and it cannot be replaced by the use of open data or own data, i.e. data provided directly by the startup participating. The external data provided by the data provider must be permitted to be used in corporate solutions, and will be checked by EDI at proposal stage. The sample will not be made public, unlike the EDI data which is hosted online for startup teams to use for the ‘Ready-made’ (Track 1) and ‘Half and Half’ (Track 2) challenges.


Expected outcomes

Innovative products and services based on data coming from new data providers and new domains.


How do we apply?

  • Read the Guidelines for Applicants
  • Doubts or questions? Read more about EDI on the About Us page, have a look at our FAQ section or drop us an email at opencall@edincubator.eu.
  • When applying for the ‘Free Choice’ challenge on the F6S platform, you will be required to fill out an additional form about your data provider. Please have the information about your data provider ready when starting the application form.

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Code: EDI-2020-FREE

Domain: Open

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