Founders: Raul Herrero,
Jon Beltran de Heredia
Location: Barcelona, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-1-ALL. Discovery of cross-sector related data

Product Description 

Katoid is going to apply its storyline analytics product and its organic database engine, previously applied to game analytics, to analyzing data sets from EDI data providers which feature key story data and events from the entities of interestt in their businesses. This unique focus, applied to the data of two retail distributors and an electricity supply company participating in EDI, will help discover patterns of interest in the behavior of the customers and employees, in the store stock and stock-out conditions, and to fully benefit from the understanding of the functioning of sensors. Katoid witl help set up a reliable data pipeline, a system to inspect this data continnously to extract meaningful patterns, and an overall process and practices for data-driven decision making, helping clients make the best decisions for their business. 

Company description

Katoid is an analytics company started by 20-years videogame veterans Jon Beltran de Heredia and Raul Herrero. After seven years using all tools in the market to analyze the behavior of millions of players, and often feeling limited and frustrated, they have decided to create a new interactive analytics concept called “storyline analytics”. This design focuses not on aggregates or KPIs, but on understanding the sequences of actions players take inside a game, which provides the best insights into player motivation. To power this, they have designed and created from scratch an “organic database”, a new type of distributed data processing engine, a design inspird by biology and the structure of living beings. This design allows the maximum flexibility and scalability, and this is expected to provide great value to not only game analytics, but to many other sectors in industry and service businesses.

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