Founders: Gregorio Magno Toral Jiménez,
Francisco José Melgar Molina, Andoni Recabarren Griguol, José María Rodríguez Muro 

Location: Sevilla, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-7-TUB Optimisation of traffic flow in Berlin

Product Description

Ciclogreen will develop an analytics and prediction tool that, given the historical data of the traffic flow at a given point in the city, will simulate behaviours that could generate congestion or flow of traffic, public transport, and pedestrians. The solution will include an easy-to-use specific website that will:

– Allow Traffic operators to study mobility patterns..

– Allow users to observe the impact of changes to the traffic control infrastructure.

Ciclogreen will take advantage of their current solution, specially their Transportation Heatmaps and the possibility to take additional mobility data using their tracking app (www.ciclogreen.com).

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Ciclogreen provides an online platform (web + app) that allows city councils, companies and universities to reward their employees and citizens with free gifts for using sustainable means of transport (cycling, walking, public transport or carsharing) and analyze mobility patterns. Users only have to register their sustainable trips using Ciclogreen mobile tracking app to get points, rewards and enjoy other gamification elements. Ciclogreen promotes sustainable mobility practices and get geolocated mobility data of every trip, a valuable information that can be combined with data from other sources to analyze mobility patterns. Ciclogreen is the first online reward system that includes different sustainable means of transport and have been awarded as one of the most promising Spanish social impact startup by Google in 2018.

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