Founders: Razvan Pistolea, 
Radu Diaconescu 

Location: Romania, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-11-VW_2. Predictive maintenance models for industrial robots in body shop

Product Description

We will:

  • find an easy way to export/ extract the sensor data (velocity, current, temperature)
  • preprocess the data and do feature engineering and analyze the data
  • train unsupervised anomaly detection models using Spark MLlib and scikit learn
  • deploy the models in a Big Data Stack using Apache Spark 2.3
  • create intuitive visualizations that will help and alert VW engineers

The software should:

  • predict mechanical/ electrical/ software failure
  • do predictive maintenance(vs preventative vs corrective maintenance)
  • handle the collisions or crashes
  • do a robot diagnosis

We want:

  • to work closely with VW engineers and discover their needs
  • to create a product that will bring VW value (safety, cost savings, uptime)

Discover the product’s business approach:

Company description

AIception brings Artificial Intelligence to Humanity.

AIception bridges the gap between academia and business by developing proprietary state of the art algorithms and providing simple integrations to any innovative company that wants to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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