Founders: Alberto Casal, Javier Vales, Klaas Wuerzburg
Location: Vigo, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-10-VW_1. Thermal power plant smart management

Product Description

The first step will be the construction of a simulation model of the thermal plant as accurate and realistic as possible. The model will be based on data provided by the customer (and other relevant information like the combustion conditions and properties of the gas) and will be the used to train a Reinforcement Learning algorithm. In Reinforcement Learning, a software agent makes observations and takes actions within an environment, and in return it receives rewards. Its objective is to learn to act in a way that will maximize its expected long-term rewards. The algorithm used by the software agent to determine its actions is called its policy. In the context of this proposal, the policy learnt by the algorithm will determine when to switch on or off the plant. 

Discover the Business Proposal:

Company description

Inova Labs is a technological consulting founded in 2004 and has over 10 years’ experience in leading and participating R&D projects at regional (Galicia), national (Spain) and international level. Inova is specialized in the support and consulting of public and private entities in several sectors, most prominently so in the maritime, automotive and energy sector.

The company is formed by three different specialized “Labs”:

Open innovation, Clean energy and Industrial Internet.

Inova Labs will participate in the proposed study through its Clean Energy and Industrial Internet Labs, applying their experience in projects regarding energy efficiency and industry.

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