Founders: Jaime López,
Javier Toledo 

Location: Gran Canaria, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-8-SONAE. Supply chain optimisation

Product Description

Our approach to stock optimization consists of 2 main stages:

In the 1st one, the data provided is thoroughly analyzed and handled to remove or repair inaccurate data, deal with missing data and consolidate the elements. If necessary, new data is integrated at this point. The result is a dataset ready for use by a predictive model.

The 2nd stage focuses on developing a model capable of predicting sales using the prepared data. We will determine which features are the most important by feedbacking the previous stage to either remove or incorporate data. Finally, predictive models based on different approaches (eg, Bayes, regressions, etc.) are developed and evaluated.

The deliverable is a precise quantification of goods that suppliers should deliver to each store within a given period of time. 

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Theam is a tech- & knowledge-based company, aimed at solving problems through software, data science and design.

They provide made-to-measure advanced solutions to medium and large enterprises worldwide, thanks to their skilled team, ready and able to meet highly complex challenges.

Their business model is based on meaningful values beyond economics, so they are focused on sustainable retail and highly technical medicine, contributing to a positive environmental and social impact and seeking to make a real difference.

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