Founders: Massimiliano Siliberti,
Antonio Lobefaro,
Dario D’Ambruoso

Location: Conversano, Italy


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-9-VPS. HVAC usage management and control optimisation

Product Description

Aim of the project will be the implementation of a numerical model able to optimize HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) usage management and control inside buildings. In order to this, data received from a provider will be firstly pre-processed and then used to create an algorithm able to predict a consumption profile.

Once the predictive model is made available, it will be implemented into a smart monitoring and control system, capable of comparing real-time HVAC loads with predicted values, triggering alerts about system anomalies as well as potential savings or, taking advantage of day-ahead values predictions.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

TERA is a knowledge-intensive innovative SME, which merges the experienced gained by a group of engineers and managers in the development of original solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental monitoring and electronics, both in terms of design and production.

The company’s focus is on the concept of energy efficiency, which is the guideline for the implementation of the main company activities:

  • IoT solutions for the smart home
  • IoT “I4.0” solutions for smart industry and smart agriculture
  • Energetic management systems in public and private buildings

Monitoring and control systems of photovoltaic system.

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