Founders: Jiri Bouchal,
Jan Jezek, Frantisek Kolovsky, Alvaro Silva

Location: Pilsen, Czechia & Brussels, Belgium


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-6-RACC. Improving the road safety in Barcelona

Product Description

‘Barcelona, drive safe!’ map with analytical tools

The web application will use the traffic accidents data to raise awareness about dangerous streets.

Imagine, that you a daily commuter in Barcelona and want to avoid streetswith a high risk of accidents when driving your kids to school. Open the app and apply the ‘Hour of the day’ filter for 7-9h in the morning. The app includes several years of historical data on traffic accidents that will enable you to discover traffic accidents hotspots immediately. You can go deeper into data by selecting only certain weekdays or even filter only the roads where accidents with injuries or fatal results mostly happen. By getting familiar with the app, you realize that the traffic accidents risk is correlated with the road quality or weather. The city might take measures to increase security there, e.g. by fixing the road or limiting the speed.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

InnoConnect develops maps with analytical tools that help people understand their data and to use it to support their decisions. Their maps offer a very high interactivity and quick reaction to user actions.

The big data in the connected world of today is often stored for restrained purposes without any deeper analysis and visualisation. InnoConnect brings the data into a map and analyzes it. Their web apps turn big DATA into INFORMATION. Users benefit from visual insights, such as discovering trends and patterns over time and space and identifying hotspots. Such understanding of data allows people to act based on the information obtained from it.

For example, InnoConnect helped to identify areas and hours with the highest risk of being robbed in Chicago. Based on historical data from road sensors, InnoConnect also predicts traffic jams in the streets of Plzeň.

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