Founders:  Gregory Philippatos,
George Siolas,
George Alexandridis, 
Rania Triantafilly 

Location: Berkshire, UK & Athens, Greece


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-8-SONAE. Supply chain optimisation

Product Description

Proposed Solution. Intelligent Stock and Waste Management System for Supermarket.

In the part Supplier _ Supermarket _ Consumer of the Supply chain, most important reason of food waste is the inefficient stock management into the Supermarket area. The other important reason is Customers demand. We have already created a model supported by a solution, DATACTIF, an application of intelligent systems, that permits a deep understanding of consumption trends (further development of this solution in the Project Plan Document).

So creating a new concept of stock and waste management with a prediction model based on artificial intelligence and including not only sales and orders but also indexes : waste factor and products expiration date, we will succeed fresh products waste reduction in a efficient manner.

So our proposal is :

  1. Intelligent Decision Support System creation, exploiting Supermarket big data using advanced techniques of intelligent systems in order to reduce food waste into the relation Supermarket Chains _Suppliers through stock management optimization and into the relation Supermarket _ Consumers through optimization of conditions for the offered products mostly in the expiration dates.
  2. Information dissemination to all stake holders (Suppliers, Stores, Associations against hunger and consumers).

Company description

DIRECTING Intelligence formed by a team of scientists, has 18 years expertise in the design of knowledge architectural plan as part of business engineering and the creation of Artificial Intelligence models and solutions in order to provide decision makers a business valuable knowledge. DIRECTING creates solutions using machine learning methodology and algorithms such as neural network, Self Organized Maps, fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, Support Vector Machines, etc… with a user friendly interface that contrary to the high level of complexity of used algorithms, requires no knowledge in statistics and in computer science.

Clients : SM (Delhaize Greece, Market In, Thanopoulos Delicatessen), Finances (Citibank, Attika Bank, Emporiki Leasing), Industry (Toyota, AUDI), Government (Ministry of Agriculture), Telephony (Vodafone), Retail (Colgate-Palmolive).

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