Founders:  Sanja Hajdukovic,
Matija Gobec,
Nenad Bozic, 

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-9-VPS. HVAC usage management and control optimisation.

Product Description

SmartCat is proposing a solution to “HVAC usage management and control optimisation” EDI challenge in the form of state of the art machine learning models, generalised to other similar datasets and delivered as a platform for energy redistribution and load balancing.

To solve the challenge and develop proposed platform SmartCat will train regression models for HVAC usage that would uncover load profiles as well as support anomaly detection and alerting real-time, and also build a simulation of HVAC usage and tenants’ actions in a reinforcement learning setting. Ingestion, (re)training and scoring would serve as backend to web-based platform with models’ results visualised on dashboards and exposed as suggestions to energy provider to support automatic load balancing.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Data → Knowledge → Power

SmartCat is a carefully selected team of industry seniors with advanced experience within data engineering and data science. They deliver outstanding data management, visualization and analysis service and remarkable technical solution. SmartCat vision is helping businesses solve their problems by using smart solutions.

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