Founders:  Maja Žikić,
Aleksandar Zobec,
Oskar Marko, 

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-1-ALL. Discovery of cross-sector related data

Project Description

Agrifood retailers are aiming for truly distinctive and constant product-price-service offers, with price and product transparency being imperatives. On the other hand, continued optimization of large investments (e.g. smart pricing and promotions) will generate significant value.

OptiPriceAG is a real-time dynamic pricing optimization solution, with features & advantages that directly address the challenges that large buyers face (e.g. processors, retailers) – in terms of transaction costs, price and portfolio optimization, etc. when entering long-term contracts with seasonal products producers.

We are crossreferencing valuable historical harvest and customer demand data, and employ machine learning & analytics to offer unparalleled information needed for effective decision making.

Company description

A start-up with focus on transfer of ICT technologies to the farming sector

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