Founders:  Vinay Venkatraman,
Vignesh Krishnamoorthy,
Rohit Sharma, 
Sri Krishna Narumanchi Chaitanya

Location: København, Denmark


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-9-VPS. HVAC usage management and control optimisation

Product Description

Leapcraft, seea strong demand for good indoor climate, especially air quality, amongst various types of new commercial building customers and have successfully deployed several cases. In this proposal, Leapcraft want to create a live example of a large commercial building that both provides good indoor climate and reduces energy consumption using data mining and advanced demand-control techniques. Leapcraft plans to achieve this using the available data from this challenge, data from their own indoor and outdoor air quality sensors, connecting to energy metering system and building HVAC (ventilation systems) via their artificial intelligence (A.I) algorithms.

Leapcraft anticipate their work will in the future make workplaces more healthy, improve productivity and reduce energy consumption

 Company description

Leapcraft has been operational for 4+ years and has been involved in environmental sensing since the early days measuring hyper local air quality. Since mid 2016 Leapcraft has been deploying its own hardware and software solution to address this market opportunity with an offer called CPHSense. In Spring 2017, the company  invested in a product development on the indoor use cases with a solution called AmbiNode. This especially, has been a strategic move as the outdoor data is quite complementary to the indoor data, thus expanding the market size potential with the same software infrastructure and a complimentary hardware addition. This combined use has found a very potential use case in buildings and HVAC control and Leapcraft has now deployed several such projects.

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