Founders: Antonio J. Ruiz,
Aitor Castillo, Yesnier Bravo, Javier Becerra

Location: Málaga, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-9-VPS. HVAC usage management and control optimisation

Product Description

EnergySequence(ES)  plan to build, develop and deploy different kinds of building energy models for characterizing and predicting HVAC consumption patterns and design further applications for the identification of optimal operation schedules, waste reduction and improvement of the overall energy efficiency.

Energy optimization in commercial buildings is the goal of this proposal. ES platform can forecast energy demand and automatically adjust HVAC sets accordingly.

The platform learns and adapts to the building’s needs. In a wide range of installations, EnergySequence aims to demonstrate it can reduce HVAC energy consumption and costs by 10-25%, while maintaining occupant comfort levels.

ES platform has deep capabilities in data ingestion, aggregation, monitoring, trending, predictive analytics, visualization, automation and optimization of HVAC energy usage and consumption. Human expertise informs ES’s unique energy data analytics to provide the basis for identifying operational and equipment anomalies.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

EnergySequence is the web intelligence platform for Energy Efficiency. ES has been created by Bettergy, a company commited to a change of the current energy model, creating innovative global solutions and offering an excellent service to our customers, respecting people nd seeking excellence in our projects. It combines data analysis with equipment and its experience in the energy sector to save resources, which leads to improve results and reputation and a reduction of risks for our customers.

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