Founders:  Carlos Fenollosa,
Ramon Goñi, Noel Ortiz, 

Location: Barcelona, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-8-SONAE. Supply chain optimisation

Product Description

Optimus Price has developed an AI algorithm that analyzes sales, stock-outs, assortments and other environmental data to manage stock and prices.

All products and aggregated data (e.g. categories) are normalized and corrected with contextual and seasonal data. This mix is then fed to our machine learning algorithm to forecast sales and provide stock recommendations, even managing security stock automatically.

In this project we are specifically incorporating sales data, cross-referenced with product context: hierarchy, stores, and seasonality. The dataset contains historical data which helps train AI models.

Initial integration will be performed through csv files, both input and output. However the next step will require tighter integration with the backoffice, which will be provided through a public API.


Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Optimus Price helps retailers boost their profits. By using AI they can predicting demand and change prices dynamically to optimize sales and purchases.

Founded by researchers from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Ramon Goni and Carlos Fenollosa. In Optimus Price, academia meets enterprise thanks to years of multisectoral R+D in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Optimus Price has been distinguished as one of the best startups in 2017 by InnovaSpain, awarded by Seedrocket and Wayra, the top accelerators in Spain, and covered by El País, among others. The founding team is thrilled to realize their dream of founding an AI company and face new challenges thanks to this opportunity from the EDI.

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