Founders: Bas Groothedde, Frans Cruijssen
Location: Breda,  The Netherlands


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-8-SONAE. Supply chain optimisation

Product Description

Argusi is developing a three step approach to reduce safety stock, while maintaining product availability.

  1. Improve forecast

The forecast on product level is improved by using data mining technology to identify correlations in internal and external data sources and applying machine learning technology.

  1. Segmentation

Products are clustered into relevant segments, based on demand patterns per product and product value. Combined with objects such as assortment, suppliers, promotions etc. Going beyond the ABC-XYZ Pareto segmentation frequently used in inventory optimization.

3. Tailored inventory strategy

To answer the business question, an inventory policy is introduced for each segment, fitted to its specific properties. The inventory policy performance is verified with a simulation model.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

ArgusI BV is a Dutch supply chain research agency and advisory that was started in 2007 by Bas Groothedde, PhD and Frans Cruijssen, PhD. ArgusI focusses on three topics: logistics network redesign, horizontal collaboration in logistics, and supply chain analytics. Customers are both from the private industry (80%) and the public sector (20%).

In the past 10 years Argusi has grown steadily and employs now 17 people. All of them with a quantitative background in fields such as econometrics, operations research or data science. They have a strong link to the academic world and regularly lecture at the Wagening University, TiasNimbas, and Erasmus University.

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