Founders: Ralf Kernchen,
Muhammad Talha,
Lorna Parris,
Paul Fortescue

Location: Guildford Surrey, England


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-14-VIAVERDE. New pricing bundles for drivers in Porto

Product Description

This project aims to develop a big-data application for price optimisations in transport use cases. In the challende Via Verde looks to increase the percentage of tolling and parking transactions before their introduction. Machine learning techniques, such as clustering for segmenting customer consumption patterns, are applied to understand existing data better.

An appropriate demand forecasting model and dynamic price optimisation strategy will be developed. This will be accompagnied by an impact analysis to estimate positive or negative impact of potential bundle schemes, simulating future service consumption after applying pricing optimisations.

Additionally, the potential to introduce Save-a-Space parking reservations as a value-added end-user service to Via Verde’s customers will be evaluated.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Accelogress Limited have developed Save-a-Space a cloud-based parking management solution offered to parking operators across several market segments, with a free-to-use end user app.

Parking operators and providers can offer their customers the ability to find, reserve and pay for parking spaces in advance. Integration of real-time parking availability, live traffic information and updates within the end-user app, helps travellers to seamlessly plan, adapt and complete their journeys. Save-a-Space are making parking an integral part of mobility-as-a-service, already up and running in the UK, taking stress out of car journeys.

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