BIGDA Solutions


Founders:  Ibon Salbidegoitia,
Amaia Acha-Orbea,
Iker Amescua,
Elsa Tejada
Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain


1st Open Call

EDI-2018-10-VW_1. Thermal power plant smart management

Product Description

The project for Volkswagen challenge is to pre-process for data quality and create a dataset that will be used to generate a prediction model for each energy meter and predict the corresponding energy measurements.The workflow process will be:

   1- Data preparation: pre-process to standardize all the information from different sources, merge all the internal information with external databases.

  2- Database storing system: a stable pipeline process with the company database where all information from energy meters is stored.

  3- Modelling: machine learning tools to make forecasts that improve the decision taking on data driven environment. Validation of model accuracy.

  4- Improving and reporting: business intelligence platform to improve the user interaction and understanding of the information.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Bigda Solutions develops Big Data and artificial intelligence projects to optimize the production processes and energy consumption of energy-intensive industries.

Using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, different scenarios in real time are defined in order to predict future behaviors.  Therefore, accurate prediction models are designed to help managing, controling and anticipating to future events.

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