Founders:  David Olmos Luis
Gustavo Fernández Gómez,
Alejandro Rodríguez Isasi,
Irantzu Calvo Santamaria 

Location: Bilbao & Madrid, Spain


1st Open Call


EDI-2018-11-VW_2 Predictive maintenance models for industrial robots in body shop

Product Description

Zylk is developing Industrial Robots Insights (IRI), a product that creates value from your company’s industrial robots. By means of the interconnection of both Industrial and Big Data realms, IRI will be capable of reading, processing and visualizing data from Siemens PLCs connected to either KUKA robots and FANUC devices, including times-series and related statistics visualization in real time. Furthermore, a trained deep learning algorithm will be included as a preset, in order to predict deviations in the robots’ behaviour. This will not only allow a successful predictive maintenance of your industrial robots, but also transform you into a data-driven company. Zylk also offers a customized product-based service to adapt the product to your particular data and company goals. 

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Zylk is an ICT consulting company specialized in undertaking digital transformation processes based on JAVA Enterprise open source solutions with offices in Bilbao and Madrid. Moreover, Zylk is an active member and founder of the Open software business associations ESLE and ASOLIF.

As an active partner and collaborator of Hortonworks, IBM and Bilbomática, Zylk helps companies to add value with data that was not used so far, allowing companies to go towards a data-driven business model.

Following the successful implementation of Big Data solutions within Telecom, Aeronautical, and Industrial sectors, Zylk Industry spin-off will be created being the objective to go towards a product-based business model launching Industrial Robots Insights (IRI).

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