João Gilberto Fernandes Ramos,
Paulo Figueiredo,
Miguel Pedro Coelho Gomes Teixeira,
Miguel Silva Reis

Location: Portugal


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-7-HMR: AI/ML Predicting the Future of Pharma Market

Product Description

Starkdata is an AI and Machine Learning startup focused on the management of the Customer Lifecycle.

It is a customer centric AI solution, leveraging on existing business data in order to better acquire, engage and retain valuable customers.

Starkdata provides a real-world approach to customer segmentation, supporting targeted marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

It also monitors customer satisfaction, via intelligent analysis of customer interactions across all touch points, and proactively identifies customers at risk, via churn indicators, as well as revenue risk for different time frames.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Starkdata is Machine Learning and AI startup founded by 4 partners with a diverse background in technology, sales and management, balancing the skills of young graduates from a top tech university with the experience of seasoned managers

Its mission is to create a customer centric AI and ML platform, to allow businesses to better acquire, engage and retain their customers. 

It started business in 2020, and won an acceleration program for Grupo Nabeiro, one of the biggest retail companies in Portugal and has developed PoC for banking, retail and healthcare.

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