Founders: Gianni Bientinesi 
Location: Itally


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-1-EDP_1: Electric Cars Charging Points Optimal Location

Product Description

Starting from its foundation BIG, thanks to its High Performance Computing, has developed and launched products/services that require great computational power for the processing of big data and the development of AI systems.

BIG makes use of a proprietary technological platform enabling to collect, organize and analyze a large amount of data through big data techniques and AI systems.

The company is specialized in high-tech and innovative activities for the organization and design of useful services for the implementation of online and offline strategic plans.

Through its products and services BIG wants to support companies in building up concrete projects, thanks to its no-frills approach, by exploiting its main assets that are: in-depth knowledge of markets, strong technological expertise, multidisciplinary approach.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

BIG is an innovative start up funded in 2019 by Gianni Bientinesi, former Business Intelligence Director of Leroy Merlin, and Aethia, Italian leading company in high performance computing applied to scientific research. 

BIG supports its clients from the realization of market research to the implementation of HW and SW systems to develop reports and analytics related to Data Lake.

BIG developed several products based on specific customer requirements, such as:

– Data Quality Management: a system for data integrity of a NGS laboratory for GxP validation

– Data virtualization: a private cloud based on Proxmox technology

– Machine learning: a predictive model for sales volume; a predictive model able to put together market and traffic data for the valorization of road networks for geomarketing purposes.

– Computer Vision: a system based on AI, able to build up digital communication plans according to search log made by users.

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