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Product Description

Br@ndMe platform maximize marketing campaign revenue, without spending a fortune

Optimizing click-through rate (CTR) and number of clicks (#CLICKS), the most important indicators and key factors to measure the effectiveness of a cost-per-click (CPC) model based campaign, is an on-going challenge. These two factors are critical in Internet advertising and affect web publisher’s profits and advertiser’s payment.

The traditional methods in digital marketing did not consider the sparseness of advertising data, the highly nonlinear association between features and the fact that the digital market is a fluctuating area, in which information and behaviour of the end users changes with great speed. What seems useful one day is irrelevant the next, and vice versa. A product, in order to collect a critical mass of clicks, needs to be ‘in the right place at the right time’.

Br@ndMe, solve the timeless problem of real-time forecasting of the impact that a digital marketing campaign will have, to achieve maximum results in terms of budget reduction and increased #CLICKS and CTR and also helps to reduce the risk of spending money without revenue.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

In ERGOLOGIC SA we design the future and merge artificially, business intelligence with High Technology!

Ergologic SA was founded in 1999 in Patras, Greece and its main objective is the design, installation, support and the maintenance of integrated solutions in the fields of IT for the small to medium and big size enterprises in the private sector of economy. The company’s rapid development, as well as its experienced staff led it very rapidly to possess a leading place in the field of completed solutions of information technology in the region of Western Greece and also in the wider region of Greece and Balkans.

Today Ergologic SA, as a dynamic and continuously evolving company, proposes continuously the most effective solutions contributing to the readjustment and the development of the business in the private sector of the economy. With its specialisation, know-how and experience, Ergologic SA is in the position to develop and complete the suitable applications for each business. It focuses on the creation and maintenance of advantageous and long-lasting collaborations.

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