Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi
Mihai Chiru 
Location: Sweden


3rd Open Call


HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE (Data combination): Weather data in the Iberian Peninsula

Product Description

Datahub: Provides weather, asset and market data tailored for the energy industry in an “AI ready” format through an API. Data can be directly consumed by machine learning algorithms.

Toolkit: Tools to process data from the Datahub for applications within energy forecasting and optimisation. Our toolkit is open source and includes integrations with several useful datasets and computation tools like FIWARE.

Forecasting Platform: Energy forecasting platform that supports aggregation of several forecasting vendors into one single platform. The platform also allows energy companies to develop their own forecasting algorithm and put those into production in just a few clicks.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Rebase Energy was founded in 2018 by Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi and Mihai Chiru. The main company hypothesis came from Sebastian that previously worked with power trading in a big utility company. We wanted to improve the way data is used in managing and operating the power system. This is an increasingly important problem in tomorrow’s highly complex energy system based on distributed and intermittent energy resources.


2018 – First paying customer for wind power forecasting

2019 – Winner of ABB Industrial AI Accelerator

2019 – Launch of Forecasting Platform

2020 – Launch of Datahub .

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