Founders: Vlad Marincas,
Lisardo Erman,
Tudor Goicea, Raul Mazilu 
Location: Romania


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-13-JOT_2: Pattern Recognition Campaign Performance Indicators

Product Description

InsightOut Analytics is a DSaaS (Data Science as a Service) company acting in three main sectors: Retail, Internet & Media and BFSI. The solutions we provide include: recommendation engines, campaign/promotion optimization, price predictions, customer segmentation, churn predictions and inventory management.

What sets InsightOut Analytics apart from most competitors is our high alignment with the customer’s goals:

– We have a highly skilled team in both data science and business, so that we avoid delivering technological marvels that bring limited value to our customers

– We have an end-to-end approach, meaning that project is not done until the customer uses it successfully

– We offer a success-based model whereby a part of the project (pricing) value is linked to the project’s success

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


InsightOut Analytics started as an idea towards the end of 2018 as we realized that the world has never generated such enormous amounts of data. We know that there is a whole world inside that data, and we have the tools to uncover it. This is the challenge we are taking on, by providing bespoke Data Science solutions to organizations looking to harness the power of data.

Our team includes four full-time people with extensive experience in data science as well as business (organizations like the European Central Bank and HSBC) and three advisors (from Google, TypingDNA – an AI-driven start-up, and P&G).

For our first customer, the largest real estate portal in Romania, we have successfully deployed an online recommendation engine, thus increasing conversion on recommended listings by 81%.

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