Founders: Peter Bunus, Serdar Uckun 
Location: UK & Sweden


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-4-AN: Forecast for The Quality Of The Ingredients in the Feed Production

Product Description

As a downstream space technology company, CyStellar develops applications and products which are adapted from technology that was originally made for use in space and extensively uses data generated by satellites for applications on Earth. The CyStellar data fusion platform integrates, manages, and secures data from ground sensors, air surveillance platforms, and satellite imagery at a massive scale. In addition, the platform integrates data from weather forecasts as well as other relevant social, societal, political, and economic information. All data is geo-referenced for easy access within the proper application context.


On top of its platform, CyStellar layers domain-specific applications that are offered to different markets:

  • CyStellar Ceres – AgTech software solutions for precision agriculture, crop management, variable-rate irrigation and fertilization, and pest management.
  • CyStellar Ambrosia – FoodTech solutions for food safety and traceability using blockchain, remote sensing, and IoT technology.

• CyStellar TerraRisk Re – InsurTech solutions designed to deliver real-time insights and intelligence into the risk selection and underwriting, reserving and ratemaking, insurance portfolio optimization, and claim assessment processes. CyStellar’s proprietary AI algorithms are trained to detect changes and classify features that are relevant in the context of underwriting or claim assessment.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


CyStellar is a geospatial intelligence company on a mission to deliver real-time insights for the insurance sector to support faster, more accurate and efficient claims assessment and underwriting processes. CyStellar’s business model entails designing, developing, and delivering its cloud-based risk assessment software (CyStellar TerraRisk Re) and related services to its specialized customers. The company targets its offering at financial services organizations including insurance, reinsurance, brokers, agents, and capital markets. It also assists commercial companies, governmental institutions and public agencies to detect, estimate, classify and monitor risks in an effort to minimize damages and to protect the public.

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