Founders: Gregory D’harveng,
Patrick De Caluwé, Carlos Mandeiro
Location: Belgium


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-12-JOT_1: Keyword Categorization

Product Description

Instaon is a fully automated ad platform, backed by AI, that allows small and medium businesses to create and optimise high-performing online advertising campaigns without any knowledge.

Instaon suggests, creates and optimises ad campaigns on Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Instagram depending on the business and advertising goal of the client.

Thanks to our advanced algorithms (NLP/NLG), we are able to suggest the best keywords (search ads on Google & Bing) and creatives to any business automatically.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


We live in a digital age where customers and consumers are spending their time online in an interconnected world.

This means that if you are not online, your business can’t be found and your chances of success are little.

That’s why we started building Instaon with one single mission; making online advertising easier and accessible for anyone. Today, we are helping thousands of SMBs around the world with our automated ad platform. We offer high-performing ad campaigns without the unnecessary costs.

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