Founders: Balázs Szabó,
Gergő Nyikos, Péter Varga
Location: Germany


3rd Open Call


HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE (Data combination)

Product Description

Konetik AI Charging Assistant is a mobile and web application helping vehicle fleet managers and drivers to manage their electric vehicle charging activities. The service takes into account the daily workflow of the vehicles and gives a summary of the fleet charging behaviour to the fleet managers and supports the daily planning for the drivers.

Our goal is providing a solution that makes electric vehicle charging seamless and plannable for the company fleet eliminating downtime and taking into account cost efficiency.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Konetik is an established player in the intersection of telematics and e-mobility industry. The company was founded with the mission to help to drive the e-mobility revolution with AI-driven solutions and extensive charging expertise.

Konetik was founded in 2014. We have already built a plug–and–play digital fleet management product and successfully commercialised it in Europe. After identifying the difficulties to integrate electric vehicles into our clients’ daily operations we have started to develop a digital EV feasibility service that supports the transition to electric vehicle fleets. During a feasibility analysis Konetik inhouse developed AI-driven algorithm runs simulations based on the telematics data of the fleet and recommends suitable electric vehicle models and charging stations. Through our fleet electrification projects we came across new challenges while managing electric vehicle fleets.

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