Filippo Severi,
Ugo Paternostro  
Location: Italy


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020- HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE. EMT Valencia. General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and validations

Product Description

MUV-App, powered by phoops, fully embraces the MaaS concept developing a public-owned MaaS system. Its motto “your city mobility as a service” explains its value proposition: a modular structure enabling customers to build their own mobile application and their own mobility manager. MUV-APP serves mobility users and managers’ needs: users need to find the best information and services for their everyday trips; managers need data and feedbacks to better understand the mobility supply’s demand and performance. MUV-App establishes a direct channel between these two sides of the urban mobility market building a smart mobility ecosystem. Its fully featured MaaS platform adapts to the local context independently from its size combining three factors: users and managers’ generated data; exclusive data ownership for the public administration; and a comprehensive reporting-system for the urban mobility management.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Phoops is an IT company located in Florence. Its core business is MUV-App, a MaaS platform dedicated to manage, monitor and serve urban mobility. It was born in 2007 and, since 2014, it deployed MUV-App in Tuscany within the framework of the “Muoversi in Toscana” project. In 2015 and 2018 phoops participated to two EU-funded acceleration programs (FrontierCities and FrontierCities2) further developing (reaching TRL 9) and scaling-up MUV-APP. Phoops is part of the Life4SilverCoast project that builds a MaaS platform dedicated to the electric mobility and promoting sustainable mobility behaviors (core partner Enel-X). Recently, phoops deployed MUV-APP as a smart parking solution in the city of Arezzo and, since September 2020, it has deployed IF-APP, the MUV-APP version entirely dedicated to the city of Florence. Phoops is also open to the EU scenario with new partnerships in Germany (Wolfsburg) creating a Smart city platform.

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