Gianluigi Riccio, Maurizio Fenn,
Luciano Riccio
Location: Avella, Italy


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-13-JOT_2: Pattern Recognition Campaign Performance Indicators

Product Description

Datonix is a Data Management Solution for Analytics (DMSA) for the analysis of large volumes of data.
It is particularly suitable for the rapid development of applications or data warehouse or data sharing systems.
With Datonix the analysis of the data – or the development of the analytical application – is faster, the management and maintenance costs less and the dependence on expensive Data Base products decreases.
The Datonix archives are light, secure, portable, open to be interrogated in real time using standard SQL language.
Datonix can be connected locally or remotely with Data Base, Business Intelligence Platforms Advanced Analytics, Data exploration tools and programs written in Go, C, Java, Ruby, Php, R and Python.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Datonix is an italian SME focused on data mgmt solutions.
Datonix was founded in 2015 inheriting the purchase of an American technology company and more than 10 years of R&D.
– In 2002, the founders purchased all the assets of the company QueryObject System Corp. (NASDAQ: QOBJ), restructured the company, moved it to Italy and started the datonix project
– Research and data development were financed with revenues from sales of the product and DWH professional services or contributions deriving from research projects, or EU funds
– In 2014 product development was completed and in 2015 the company began selling the first version of the product
– In 2017 datonix has been used by Luxottica, E&Y and Istituto San Raffaele in an Horizon2020 project to manege data from Intelligent Eyewear.

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