Eduardo W. Jørgensen, Juan César de Mercado,
José Carlos Montesinos, Patricia Cremades
Location: Spain


3rd Open Call


Track 3 – FREE CHOICE CHALLENGE (Bring your own data provider and data)

Product Description

Medicsen is building a software that predicts the risk of a certain patient currently having diabetes and its future likelihood of developing diabetes and its complications, all based on GDPR compliant data and oriented towards improving a patient ́s health and provider ́s cost of services.
Optimize business and patient outcomes:
● Cost savings (Understand workflow and reduce risk)

● Differential value of service (personalized approach)

● New business opportunities (predicted future costs)
Improve patient ́s health and satisfaction, Reduce cost of care, and open new business opportunities with an algorithm that tracks data in real time, predicts future problems and offers valuable insights and recommendations through a multi-platform interactive dashboard.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Medicsen was founded in 2015 to create technological innovation for healthcare after a little girl with diabetes refused to use the insulin pump in the hospital consult of one of the founders, Dr. Eduardo W. Jørgensen.
Since then we have managed to:
– Grow from 4 founders to 15 team members
– Raise 3 private equity rounds
– Secure strategic international partnerships
– Build a community of more than 3000 patients with diabetes
– Validate our technological assets in pre-clinical and clinical environments
– Received over 50 innovation awards including MIT, Forbes, Bloomberg, Accenture, Merck, Lilly etc…
– Become one of the leading Spanish medical technology startups, appearing in publications of the future of artificial intelligence in diabetes compared to major players: shorturl.at/bEZ28


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