Arnaldo Moura,
Marcos Calvo,
Rafael Maia
Location: Coimbra, Portugal


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-1-EDP_1: Electric Cars Charging Points Optimal Location

Product Description

Grama provides professional services to customers seeking to deliver complex IT solutions using state of the art and cutting-edge technologies. The range of expertise is in the following areas: UI/UX and solution design, software development, quality assurance and project management; in addition, it is currently investing in the areas of Big Data and Machine Learning.

At EDI, Grama is addressing an EDP challenge by developing a website which will show the optimal location to install charging points for electrical vehicles. This website will also include additional features which EDP may find interesting to manage its EV charging infrastructure, such as real electricity consumption of each charging point and the prediction for the following months, or other operation metrics to be followed and/or predicted.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Founded in 2017, Grama is a company based in Coimbra, Portugal, dedicated to the design and development of advanced software solutions.
Grama’s core members have several years of experience delivering complex IT projects worldwide, ranging from the largest telecom operators to growing startups.
To successfully deliver projects, Grama starts by listening to the clients’ needs and producing technical designs, mockups and/or prototypes to accurately capture the scope of the project, while keeping an eye for creative and innovative solutions to propose. Then follows software development’s best practices, to achieve the proposed scope on time.
Grama is headquartered at Nest Collective, a collective of software development companies, providing a powerful environment for growing our business.

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