Jozef Balaz, Dusan Korcak
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-14-MIGROS: Category and Store-Based Sales Forecasting

Product Description

iERP.ai developed an easy to use on-premise software business prediction platform (Studio) powered by AI algorithms which can be installed and used locally by companies without any prior AI knowledge. Studio enables users to use AI algorithms enriched with external economic indicators, weather data and COVID-19 business risk factor (IP of iERP.ai) at an affordable price. We are offering multiple modules; however, we are currently focusing on Inventory demand and sales forecasting modules.

Value proposition
iERP.ai has developed software based on advanced modern technology and clear step-by-step user interface/guide which can be used by any user with standard computer literacy without need to know anything about Artificial Intelligence. Software is not requiring any third party tools to operate so we are eliminating risk of data leaks and dependency on 3rd party providers. Application is utilising apart of historical data also external COVID business risk and economic indicators used to improve machine learning model for customers.

• Difficult to copy end-to-end business prediction platform
• No technical resources needed to install, use and maintain
• Algorithms affordable for SMB’s
• Precise predictions
• Pre-configured algorithms
• Verticalized modules


Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

iERP.ai was founded in April 2019 in the Slovak Republic and it has eight employees managing its day-to-day operations. Our mission is to help companies to utilize their existing data to increase revenue, customer satisfaction and decrease their costs by using easy to use software powered by artificial intelligence.

The main asset of our company is a team consisting of business and AI experts with strong experience in the realization of innovative projects for companies like HP, ESET, T-Mobile, Epicor, Heinz or Wurth. During our short history, we have already gained 7 customers, 20 opportunities in leads pipeline and partnership agreements with an additional 11 reselling, consulting and development partners all around the globe.

iERP.ai was:
• Completed Startup Wise Guys B2B SAAS acceleration programme (one of the most experienced accelerators in Europe) in August 2020
• Gazelle (EIT manufacturing) accelerator
• Dubai Chamber of Commerce as part of their portfolio
• Uplift accelerator start-up program
• We exhibited our company and solution at Startup Grind conference taking place in February 2020 in Silicon Valley USA.

iERP.ai has attended as a team two hackathons fighting COVID-19 pandemic, The Global Hack and EUvsVirus hackathon. We have developed as a part of these hackathons unique business prediction portal tracking current status, and also predicting COVID-19 business risk for individual countries all around the world. Portal is publicly available at www.businesswithcorona.com, and we are implementing this indicator to our application.

iERP.ai platform is easy to use on-premise solution (with cloud solution on the road map) with purpose built algorithms which are supporting many use cases and at an affordable price. Our software will help businesses to be more competitive by increasing revenue, customer satisfaction and decreasing cost.

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