Thomas Rappold, Julian Nalenz
Location: Munich, Germany


3rd Open Call


Track 3 – FREE CHOICE CHALLENGE (Bring your own data provider and data)

Product Description

Private customers of brokerage/investment accounts are currently facing the problem that, for applying for tax refunds, they have to familiarize themselves with complex forms in the respective national language. For many people holding foreign shares, this is far too time-consuming, complicated and often infeasible due to language barriers. At the same time, the fees for commissioning specialized tax consultants are generally disproportionate to the final reimbursement amount. Thus, Divizend’s B2C software helps private investors to reclaim their taxes by automating withholding tax refund applications. Divizend is the first FinTech worldwide to work on digitizing such a service in a novel, user-friendly and price-competitive way.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Divizend is a new wealth-tax FinTech service from the founders Thomas Rappold and Julian Nalenz. With its holistic approach verbalized by the claim “Find, Plan, Maximize”, Divizend‘s platform will be the central place for investors striving for high dividend earnings, as they will find only the most relevant insights, research, analytics and tax services there. The most notable modules, all built in-house for highest quality, are the B2C withholding tax reclaim platform targeting a $90B market, the first international securities aggregation API, securities database and dividend screener. Divizend relies on strong and sustainable partnerships for low or zero customer acquisition costs, for example with large banks, bank software providers and finance portals and magazines.

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