Fractal Mind


Rui Cordeiro, Tiago Perdigão,
Manuel Pimenta, Vasco Jesus,
Pedro Ribeiro
Location: Lisbon, Portugal


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-7-HMR: AI/ML Predicting the Future of Pharma Market

Product Description

Fractal Mind brings know-how from the gaming industry to the design and development of engagement solutions in multiple business contexts, from B2B to B2C.

Outliers is their engagement platform, that brings a tried and tested gamification engine and game design know-how to the enterprise, to improve productivity and reduce turnover.

By leveraging MindOverData’s Advanced Forecast Solution, they’ll be able to combine their persuasive design and technology with Big Data and Machine Learning to successfully leverage market forecasts in different dimensions, from store to region level, from product to categories, from 7 to 120 days ahead, towards increased business optimization and employee performance.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Fractal Mind was born in 2015, when Rui, their founder, was challenged to transform the way Worten employees celebrated their day-to-day activities.
That project became the biggest gamification project in Portugal and one of the longest running employee gamification initiatives in the world.
Since then, they’ve applied gamification to many different business contexts and have helped companies like Vodafone, Adidas, Worten, NOS and Via Verde address challenges in employee and customer engagement, corporate training and event engagement.
MindOverData, their partner, is a Data Boutique consulting firm, working on Big Data and Machine Learning, merging business needs with technology. They envision data as the resource and people as the enablers of business solutions.

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