Charis Sfyrakis
Location: United Kingdom


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-17-SONAE: Automate Customer Service Workflows and Drive Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

Product Description

Companies own large amounts of raw customer interaction data (e.g., customer service chat transcripts, customer support tickets, surveys, online reviews, etc).

However, they rarely have the resources to explore, organize and label this data.

Tagomo is an AI enabled software that helps companies of any size quickly identify the thematic ‘topics’ (or labels) and correspondent taxonomy in their text data, as well as annotate and organize it for any other analytic tasks.

At its core, Tagomo utilises recent advancements in Machine Learning (weak supervision, confident learning, and active learning) to provide intelligent recommendations to a non-technical subject matter expert, which significantly reduces the time spent on data exploration and labelling tasks.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Algomo is an early stage startup building an automation first communication platform that provides instant resolution to customer and employee queries, in any language.

Our mission is to democratise access to digital goods for everyone, not matter what language they speak

Algomo uses the latest advances in AI that enable maintaining a single chatbot for all languages, without the need for any translations.

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