George Ioannidis 
Location: Germany


3rd Open Call


EDI-2020-19-VRT_1: Automatic Chaptering of Video Content

Product Description

The main off-the-shelf product offered by IN2 is Tellit (https://tellitapp.com/about), a must-have tool for communication managers. It enables new business opportunities with interactive storytelling and content marketing and allows better connecting and engaging with audiences through more compelling content and experiences.

Tellit creates a central content hub to bring into one place relevant social media posts alongside uploaded images, videos and documents and adds a smart layer on top so that content and audience insights can be easily discovered and shared. It leverages AI services that work in the background in order to remove irrelevant social media posts, assess the quality and aesthetics of images, cluster and group content based on similarity and add annotations to images and videos.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

IN2 provides cutting-edge scalable software solutions that simplify how businesses and people collect, organise, discover and present digital content on the web & mobile. The company covers the whole spectrum of application development and provisioning from design, user interaction, software development and deployment from its own private cloud (DevOps). The core technology consists of an in-house platform for content indexing, data analysis, machine learning and automatic annotation using AI tools and modules, content management and publishing. The platform helps clients to search and find vast amounts of digital content for specific application domains, essentially offering highly customised “Google for X” solutions for broadcasting, tourism, cultural heritage and events

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