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EDI-2020-13-JOT_2: Pattern Recognition Campaing Performance Indicators

Product Description

We are acknowledged by industry analysts as one of the fastest growing service companies in Italy focused on providing support to companies in innovation and digital transformation projects.

The main services that Dst offers to the market, through its 6 Business Lines, are:

  • Consulting and design of digital strategies
  • Service Design (UX, design thinking)
  • Software development and Cloud
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Digital Customer Service and Customer Care mgmt.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Support for Innovation and R&D projects

The value proposition our Campaign Management Predictive Platform, “Vate”, is:

“We help marketers, agencies, and publishers strengthen customer connections with data and technology. We strive to understand how our clients see the world and what they care about in order to be the best champion and partner. We do this by building innovative, flexible solutions and strong relationships that prioritize honesty, openness, and doing the right thing”.

The unique selling points of our platform are: 1.Unbundled Technology: Companies will use our technology to power their data-driven marketing initiatives. Unlike marketing stacks Vate doesn’t add bloat to products or force unnecessary services. We take a consultative approach to understand the data challenges and offer the solutions clients actually need and want. 2.Unrivaled service : Let’s win together. Our Client Success team is hands-on and high touch to optimize data strategy and help clients achieve their goals.  3.Unparalleled Flexibility: “Vate” 100% media-agnostic, which means clients can work with any of their preferred tech or media platforms. 4.Uncompromising Quality: Dst. is leading the charge to increase data quality across the industry. 5.         Unlimited Intelligence: See everything you’re missing about customers. Main need addressed: Our solution automates very complex and difficult activities and procedures that until now were done partially and cumbersome only by a very few very good analysts.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company Description

Dst (www.dstech.it) is an innovative Digital Consulting company founded in 2008 in Rome, by a group of professional with experience in major consulting and technology enterprises such as IBM, CSC, PwC, Oracle and Telecom Italia.

Today has 4 Offices: Rome, Milan, Cosenza and Tel Aviv with more than 120 Consultants with different and comprehensive skills: from Software Developers and Data Scientists, to Digital Marketers and UX Designers.

Dst main business is to support its customers in providing software development and maintenance (back-end and front-end), Service Design consultancy, Big Data and AI solutions, Digital Marketing services, innovation and digital transformation consultancy.

Dst is a certified Partner of Google, Talk Walker, AWS, Adobe and WS2

Furthermore, during these years Dst has been involved in several R&D project under the Horizon2020 framework and National tender opportunities.

The methodology chosen by Dst  for all its  R&D projects is based on the rationale of the “lean methodology” and is a merge of two approaches: the Lean Startup methodology and the Agile methodology:

Strengths of Dst are:

  • Spin-offs with universities and research centers
  • Quality and continuous training of its consultants
  • Strictly adopt a culture of cross-pollination between resources (of all business units) and among our Partners,
  • Having built a multicultural and international environment
  • Competence center on Big Data, Machine Learning and human center design
  • Talents coming from the best Universities and research centers (CNR, University of Rome, Politecnico di Milano, INSEAD, LUISS), multinational consultancy companies (IBM, ORACLE, PWC, E&Y) and successful startups (i.e. GLOVO, GOOGLE, ADZUNA)

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