Oskar Marko
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia


3rd Open Call


HALF AND HALF. EDI-2020-18-UBIMET: Model Anomaly Detection

Product Description

DONA is a plug-and-play insurance product that introduces objectivity and transparency in crop insurance, the two most hindering factors behind the low uptake of crop insurance in Europe (20%). We will use advanced machine learning algorithms in conjunction with Ubimet’s weather data, satellite and smartphone images, and soil maps to accurately assess and verify the damages, which will cut the need for large teams of loss adjusters and minimise the room for error. Furthermore, by applying the yield prediction models to historical data, we will be able to estimate the production risk and help the insurance company set the premiums accordingly.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

We first started working together at BioSense Institute, the EU’s Centre of Excellence for AgTech, where we developed advanced AI algorithms for yield prediction, seed selection and risk estimation. In 2017, we won the Crop Challenge, the most renowned competition for Big Data in agriculture organised by Syngenta, the world’s leading seeds and agro-chemicals company, while in 2018 we won the CGIAR Inspire Challenge and received the Gates Foundation grant for developing a solution that increases the farmers’ profit for up to 25% based only on smart decision-making. At that point we realised that our research had a strong commercial value, so we founded Cropt in 2019 and got the seed funding from Serbian Innovation Fund.

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