Founders: Lauri Ilison, Terje EnnomäeLocation: Tallinn, Estonia


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-FREE. Free Choice Challenge: Bring your own data provider

Product Description

Feelingstream is creating a customer service analysis tool for large corporations. We sell the usage of our platform with the features needed for customer specific adaptation. Within our platform the company can add all kinds of data processed in customer service centres – audio files, emails, chat conversations, etc. 

We also allow companies to build their own classification models which reflect their business needs. For example a banking company would need a lost sales opportunity model and we provide consultancy to train machine learning models for them. Later our tool enables them to build models by themselves without any coding skills. 

The USP of Feelingstream is speeding up getting business insights from customer conversations. Feelingstream is a unique product in the market because of the multichannel approach: a company can link all their customer service channels to our platform and this enables different customer service types to be compared and analysed together, which provides more valuable insights to the company.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Feelingstream is a startup company from Estonia, established in 2015. Our mission is to help large service centres to improve customer experience, discover sales opportunities and reduce churn by analysing conversations, chats and customer satisfaction in real time. Our vision is to serve a hundred customer centres in the Nordics/Baltics by 2023. We serve two large corporations at the moment – Telia Estonia and Nordea Bank in Finland. There are several ongoing pilot projects. At the beginning of this year, we raised money to accelerate our growth in the region and build the necessary language technology for the Nordics.

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