Binary Brains AB


Founders: Dan Söderlund, Jacob Kihlbaum, Samuel Wulgué, Niclas Wideving, Simon Åkerlund 
Location: Örebro, Sweden


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-21-EMASESA_2. Demand Management

Product Description

Binary Brains offers AI as a service with an interface and application that is always customer unique. This mix creates a low threshold for AI-driven insights but without compromising in terms of visualization and user experience as well as customer specific insights/KPIs and benchmarks. Our goal is to make AI accessible and usable for many more, both more companies but also more users within each Company removing all the gatekeepers with easy to understand user interface and great user experience. The AI we sell as a service is divided into different AI-modules that we add to the customer specific interface/application and these modules address different predictions or optimizations. A few examples of the modules we offer as a service are: demand prediction, visitors prediction, demand for a new Product predictions, marketing efficiency predictions and optimization.

The SaaS solution brings our customers a problem free usage with full technical support and continuous supervision of the predictive models in place.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description


Binary Brains AB was founded early 2018 with the vision to help companies become more predictive in their work.

Our core business is demand predictions for various markets and industries – often with a consumer as the end user of the product or service. The predictions brings possibilities our services help solve such as optimizing logistics, marketing, staffing and procurement.

We have a focus on making AI available for more by democratizing demand prediction. This has led to a portfolio of customers ranging from the biggest retailers to the smallest restaurant owners. We make it possible for everyone to use their data predictive and optimize their business.

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