Actum4 Innovation


Founders: Antonio M. Montalvo, Vicente Massó Guirao 
Location: Alicante, Spain


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-FREE. Free Choice Challenge: Bring your own data provider

Product Description

Actum4 aims to develop through this initiative the project DRUINS (Data Reanalysis for Urban Information from Noise Sensors) as a solution to get enriched data from raw data generated from a Noise Sensors Networks deployed across the city of Santander (Spain) and operated by Universidad de Cantabria. Generating this information about noise in a “friendly” way will allow Universidad de Cantabria to offer it to Santander City Council to take useful decisions in order to put in place the correspondent action plans regarding the noise pollution in the city.

This is the 3-part solution we plan to solve the described challenge:

  1. READING: Perform readings of the Big Data provided by 31 noise sensors deployed across the city, with a frequency of 5 minutes to generate appropriate datasets.
  2. STORAGE: Collect all the datasets generated by DRUINS based on the direct readings of the sensor network and additional information about status, to store them in a cloud infrastructure hosting a Hadoop or similar framework.
  3. PROCESSING: Treat the stored historical data to achieve the following main outcomes:
    • Elaboration of visual Noise Maps of the city, customised by date and time. This allows studying the evolution of noise levels across the city and put in place the appropriate municipal policies related to reduce noise pollution in the city.
    • Implementation of an Alarm System to detect unexpected increases of noise levels. This will allow detecting unusual noise timeframes that can be useful i.e. to detect illegal works that don’t have the appropriate municipal license.
    • Implementation of a Maintenance System to allow an authorised user to detect hardware/software failures in the Noise Sensors Network in order to launch the appropriate maintenance procedures.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Actum4 Innovation was recently January 2019 by two senior entrepreneurs who enjoy 25+ years of experience in technology and business development, as well as sales & marketing and project management.

Actum4 has developed a technical and commercial team specialised in various sectors and activities to deal with its main focus, that is innovation projects, participating in European consortia within H2020 and developing its own products/services on a business-oriented basis. Actum4 has already implemented two EU-funded projects to pilot and deploy IoT-enabled solutions for bike anti-theft and active&healthy ageing. 

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