Jesús Blanquero Villar, Alejandro Suero Pineda, Jose Manuel Lopez Martinez 
Location: Seville, Spain


2nd Open Call


EDI-2019-FREE. Free Choice Challenge: Bring your own data provider

Product Description

Wrist-hand-finger segment is the most functional body part of the human being. Just in trauma pathologies of this segment (e.g. fractures), +2.7 million new cases occur each year in the EU, and according to scientific reviews, some wrist, hand and finger pathologies are some of the most expensive, ahead of hip and knee fractures. After years of development and clinical trials, we created ReHand, the first digital solution for rehabilitation of wrist, hand and fingers through Tablet devices, and we have demonstrated that it recovers patients faster and better, which optimizes the economic burden in hospitals and health insurance companies. EDI challenge helps ReHand to establish patterns that allow to adapt exercise programmes to the different pathologies and recovery times of patients, and to establish normal parameters to identify those patients most prone to develop complications and sequelae.

Discover the product’s business and technical approach:

Company description

Healthinn is a Digital Therapeutics Startup based in Spain, creating innovative medical solutions to solve currently health problems, impacting both the patient’s quality of life and society.

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